Residential Propane

Propane Heat


heating with propanePropane furnaces offer great flexibility in both the type and capacity of the equipment, which makes them a good fit for

many different types of homes and buildings. High efficiency propane furnaces — generally those with efficiency levels

above 90 percent AFUE — capture additional heat from the combustion gasses and use this to increase the heat transfer of

the furnace for greater efficiency. Many high efficiency propane furnaces are two-stage or variable speed units, so the furnace

heats the home or building steadily and comfortably. And the heated air leaving the furnace is significantly warmer than

temperatures offered by electric heat pumps.


Hot Water


By choosing energy-efficient propane water heating systems over standard electric water heaters, we can help our clients significantly

reduce their energy costs. The Department of Energy estimates that approximately 20 percent of a home’s energy costs are spent heating water.

That’s why choosing an efficient propane water heater is critical — propane fuels some of the most efficient tankless water heating technologies available.




From precise heat control to smaller energy bills, propane cooking equipment is the perfect ingredient for homeowners who dream of a professional-caliber

kitchen. An attractive, stainless-steel gas range that combines a propane cooktop and oven is perfect for space-challenged homeowners, while propane also

offers commercial-grade ranges, indoor grills and cooktops, in-wall double ovens, and other gas cooking applications in luxurious custom kitchens. In all

cases, propane gives the homeowner ample cooking performance and precise temperature control in a wide variety of product designs.




Equipped with cutting-edge innovations such as moisture sensors, pilotless ignition, and timed drying cycles, propane clothes dryers are a smart investment

for homes and buildings. Propane models save about 20 percent in energy costs annually compared with electric dryers and can reduce drying times. Propane

clothes dryers offer an efficient, convenient, and quick laundry solution. Compared with electric dryers, a propane clothes dryer will dry clothes faster and

more efficiently. Propane dryers also offer the latest innovations such as steam cycles to de-wrinkle and freshen garments, drum lights to better see into the

unit, and LCD control screens for ease of use. With propane, “laundry day” goes by a lot faster.




Propane fireplaces offer homeowners true versatility. They can be installed indoors or out, and they’re easier to install and more energy efficient, environmentally

friendly, and convenient to use than wood-burning models. Plus, an attractive real flame brings warmth and ambience to a living space, increasing its value with

buyers. Propane fireplaces can be turned on and off with a thermostatic switch or remote control, and many models can operate during electrical power outages,

providing a critical source of heating to the home.




In the past 10 years, the demand for electricity has increased exponentially due to population growth and the increased use of power-thirsty devices such as

computers and flat-screen TVs. For homeowners in our area, this has resulted in electrical service outages that disrupt home comfort. While most of these outages

last 20 to 30 minutes, a J.D. Power and Associates study put the average extended power outage at eight hours.  A standby generator can ensure a homeowner’s

quality of life by keeping the electricity flowing in the event of a power failure that results from either a standard service disruption or a natural disaster, such as a storm.

Grills/ Patio Heaters/ Pool Heaters

Grills. Push-button ignition makes grilling easy. And propane grills are 105 times more environmentally friendly than charcoal grills, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Patio heaters. Providing up to a 20-foot radius of heat, a standing or portable propane heater can raise the outdoor air temperature as much as 30 degrees.

Pool and spa heaters. Propane pool and spa heaters, which range in size from 5,000 Btu/hr for a spa or hot tub to 400,000 Btu/hr for a full-size swimming pool, bring the water to the desired temperature more quickly than an electric heater